Benefits of journaling

Journaling can be viewed as a way of taking records of experiences, thoughts, and observations. It is like an emotional exploration vehicle used to convey challenging and enjoyable feelings into more healthy and positive outcomes.
Through journaling, you are forced to be more careful and pay attention to everything going on in your life as well as be grateful.
Writing is said to be a window to the soul of a person. You can record activities, observations, and experiences in your journal everyday or whenever you feel the urge. Some record taking may require a set rules or guideline, but journaling is different. When you choose to write the way you feel, there is no wrong or right way to do it. You're in charge of your thoughts and pen, and your journal is a free space to express yourself the way you like.
Your daily life activities, the place you go, the people you spend time together, and any other thoughts that you deem fit to feature as well as being grateful. There are many benefits of journaling. 
Benefits of Journaling
The benefits of journaling cannot be exaggerated in preserving your memories and help you pay attention to important things in your life. Below are the top reasons you need a journal today:

It preserves your memories: Human being can forget things quickly. Something that happens two days ago may be difficult to remember. It is not our fault that it happens that way, as our brains don’t function the same way. We sometimes overload the brain to the level that it begins to delete the earlier data stored. If you are to write down in detail all things that happen to you today, you may go on and on and write about five pages. But if you are to write it the next day, you may not write up to three pages as you might have forgotten many things. As the day goes, you continue to forget more. A journal is the only answer to this. You keep in details everything that happens without missing one.

It sharpens your senses: Studies showed that if we are aware we are going to record something, we tend to pay more attention and be sensitive about the happenings. This makes you a better observer. Likewise, keeping a journal helps you to pay attention to details of everything going on in your life. This assists you to be a better person with focus.

It improves your writing: Regular writing improves your writing skills. There have been some cases whereby someone’s journal is used to publish a selling book. Through journaling, one can develop profitable writing skill that can sell in the market. It can turn to be a place to collect ideas in the future. So, don’t ignore its importance. Get a journal and start building your writing skill. It is a win-win situation.

Where can I get a journal?
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