Ultimate Tip Of the Month for Oct 2018 (Mindful Meditation)

Most people that haven't really done mindful meditation think of meditation in general as something you do to clear your mind completely and rid it from any and every thought. (I too once felt this way) I once thought that I couldn't even scratch an itch if I was supposed to be meditating, but then the itch would actually take over all of my thoughts and the rest of the time was spent trying to clear my mind. SMH

Well this weeks tip is simple, and all you have to do to begin improving your life today is to commit to at least 5 mins a day (Preferably in the AM, because it sets the tone for the rest of your day) to begin mindful meditation. 

Find a quiet comfortable place where you can sit, then close your eyes and just begin to become aware, that's it, it's that simple! You're probably thinking "What?" "become aware of what?" 

You sit and become aware of your breathing, your heart beat, the way your stomach moves with each breath, the firmness of where your sitting, any noise that may be around, and ultimately your thoughts and feelings. These are just some examples of what you could become aware of but the premise is to be mindful of what's going on both within you and around you.

We'll go more in depth in the future on Mindful Meditation but for now, we're just going to keep it as simple as possible right here, right now.