Ultimate you personal development tips

Automation is one of the keys to saving money successfully, so here are a couple of tips to improve your financial future today.

1) There are a few apps you can simply download onto your phone that will allow you round up change when your making purchases. (example: If you purchase something that cost $1.75, the app will round up and put .25 cents in a savings account for you) Do your due diligence in selecting the app that's best for you but it's a great tool that helps automate savings without you thinking about it.

2) If you don't already, you should have multiple savings accounts with specific purposes attached to them. When opening these accounts, just name them with a purpose like the following examples. A "Fun" or "Play" account for entertainment, vacations, toys etc., you may have a "Holiday acct." so you don't use credit cards during the holiday shopping season, an "Unexpected Fund" for just that, home or vehicle expense acct. or any other purpose you may think of.

There are a few High Yield Savings accounts out there that you may want to research to see if any of them fit your specific needs and once you choose your accounts then begin saving utilizing automation.

If you work for a company you could simply decide a specific dollar amount (ex: $50)  or a percentage (ex: 15%) to be deducted from your pay check every pay period before you even see it. You will be very happy when the day comes that receive your statement with money you never thought you could save.

If you are self employed, you could still follow the same principles but instead of having your human resources department set it up, you could have your bank send an electronic funds transfer to whichever accounts you choose.

Warren Buffet is known for his wealth an philosophy on money and here's a popular one of his quotes to remind you to pay yourself first. 

"Don't save what is left after spending; spend what is left after saving

~Warren Buffet~