All Acupressure Mats are NOT created equal!!!

Prashanta Dev

When we here at Ultimate You first read all of the benefits of the acupressure mat, we were more than eager to try it out for ourselves. We had our first sample created a shipped to us to test out and when it arrived. Some of the team were a little nervous about how the sharp spikes would feel and I think it’s normal to feel that way, I was anxious myself even having experienced acupuncture in the past. When the mat arrived, I tried it out and so did many other volunteers including a few children ages 8 and 10 who surprisingly enjoyed the mat as well. I was blown away by how good the mat felt and had no idea at the time, that all mats weren’t created equal.

So, after finding that we weren’t alone in wanting to use this mat to de-stress and relax in holistic fashion, we decided that ULTIMATE YOU were going to distribute these stress relieving mats to the world. We really wanted to use the manufacture that sent us the sample but we didn’t like the way they were handling business, not being punctual, over charging for a lot of things and never seemed to be able to answer our questions when asked so we began looking elsewhere. We found a manufacture that was the total opposite of the first company; they were always on time, helped out with all concerns, lower cost and overall just a preferred company to work with, so we ordered samples from them.

After waiting some time this is when we realized all Acupressure mats are NOT created equal!!! We were so excited to receive the mats, they looked great and then I laid on it “OUCH!!!” I said, these are sharp, they hurt, especially in the neck area. So, I thought maybe it’s just me, but no, volunteer after volunteer felt the same way, the mat was too sharp and seemed impossible to lay on for the recommended 20-40 min time span. I was so disappointed, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I called them up and explained the issue while asking them if they had an alternative less sharp version of the mat. When they responded, stating that they did have a less shard version, I was very happy and I waited again for the third version.

We received our third and final version of the mat with great anticipation, I laid on this one and you wouldn’t believe it, I felt like Goldilocks because this version was simply too dull, “you can’t be serious” I thought to myself, it was like laying on a plain Yoga mat practically. I shook my head with disappointment and after allowing multiple volunteers to test all three, it was clear that all mats are not created equal and our original was just right. So, we went back to the original company and worked out a deal because we wanted the perfect mat along with the best quality and we were willing to deal with the service issues and pay the higher cost to provide the Ultimate Acupressure mat sets to our customers

We had an opportunity to test out some other mats we seen out there just to make a comparison to what we were bringing to the market and we’ve confirmed among them that there are many differences in the mats quality and how they feel. Just like most things, there’re cheap mats out there but we all know you get what you pay for. We refuse to sell any products that we don’t believe to be the best quality and give the maximum benefits for our customers. We know you will always have the option to go cheap or quality with anything you purchase so we thank you for being an ULTIMATE YOU customer.  

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