Ultimate back stretcher (Sold Out)*


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Ultimate back stretcher (On Sale)* - Ultimate You
Ultimate back stretcher (On Sale)* - Ultimate You
Ultimate back stretcher (On Sale)* - Ultimate You
Ultimate back stretcher (On Sale)* - Ultimate You
Ultimate back stretcher (On Sale)* - Ultimate You

The roles of a back stretcher in back health cannot be over-emphasized as it helps strengthen and enhance your back for overall back well-being. Back stretching is expected to be a regular practice to keep your body posture in shape and especially when looking for sciatica pain relief for a strong back.

This effective remedy can be done mechanically with the aid of back stretcher and can as well be achieved manually with the support of a physiotherapist or specialists.

However, the lumbar back stretcher is a form of Do-it-Yourself device that is inexpensive compared to other alternatives such as physio, surgery, and painkillers.

A back stretcher is capable of eliminating severe back pain arising from bulging disc, sciatica, slipped disc and degenerative disc problem. The benefits of using back stretcher are numerous and will be shared in this article. But before that let’s quickly know how back stretcher works.

How Does a Lumbar Back Stretcher Work?

A back stretcher can be described as a device designed with a flat base and arched at the top to bring out spine curvature to stretch the back muscles. It can be made of wood or plastic or soft metal based on the purpose of the stretcher. The working principle of a back stretcher is straightforward and easy.

The device is placed on the floor, and the user lies on it. The effect is felt when the upper and lower muscle begin to relax and the spine starts stretching out. The spine decompresses by relieving the tensions and as well as the pressure of gravity. At this point, the stretches benefit the body in many ways such as increased in flow of blood, proteoglycans and oxygen which is essential for spine healing and overall back health.

Using back stretcher twice daily over a period of nine months is guaranteed to curing severe back pain; strengthen your back to enhance your posture and flexibility of your body. There are other benefits of using back stretcher, and these benefits will be discussed next.

Health Benefits of Using Back Stretcher

In the recent high rate of daily stress and desk jobs, issues such as low-back pain, low rate of blood flow, sexual dysfunctions, and much more are common among people. That doesn’t mean there is no remedy to these problems. If you are one of the victims of back pain problems, just know that you are not alone on the court. Sometimes, simple and gentle back stretching on the back stretcher is the solution to your problems. The simple practice which has been studied to promote spinal alignment along the spinal curve is capable of providing relief for stiff and sore back muscles. Below are the key benefits of using a back stretcher:

  • Improves flexibility: Regular usage of a back stretcher has been proven to improve your flexibility. Studies have shown that the upper and lower back muscles tend to tighten up, stiff, and tense due to stress or continuous wrong body position. Lying down on top of lumbar back stretcher twice a day can passively and gently release the muscles tension to improve your flexibility and enhance free blood circulation throughout your body.
  • Improves posture: A lumbar back stretcher is a great device to improve your posture. A crooked spine through sitting down over time in front of a computer can result in severe back disorders such as slipped disc, bulging disc, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and shooting sciatic pain. In a view to preventing impending back pain, using a stretching device such as back stretcher works magically to improve your posture and restore you to your original and healthy position.
  • Strengthens back: Regular usage of a back stretcher makes your back stronger and healthy. As you stretch your muscles, you get your flexibility and posture improved; hence, strengthens your muscles in the process. The increased level of proteoglycans, nutrients, and oxygen that entered your vertebrae and spine disc make your back stronger.
  • Enhances better circulation: When the upper and lower back muscles are stiffed or tensed, the free blood flow is hindered and compromised. This problem usually leads to tiredness and apathetic. By using back stretcher, your back will be tensed free, thus improve blood circulation as more blood is supplied to your back to promote continuous healthy body.
  • Overcomes the effects of gravity: People who work on heightened building tend to feel the effects of gravity on their spine over time and later makes their spines degenerate. The use of lumbar back stretcher has been studied to help counteracts the gravity effects resulting from this nature of work; thereby keeping your back in good shape and healthy.
  • Improves sex life: Research has shown that spinal cord plays an important role in healthy sex activities. If you are having severe back pain or other back issues, sex becomes difficult for you. Users’ reviews have confirmed that regular use of a back stretcher eliminates back pain and reinforce your back muscles as well as promotes your posture and flexibility to enhance your performance in bed. It has been confirmed to increase libido and improves sexual urge. Try it today, and you will feel the difference.
  • Increases your height: Regular use of a back stretcher can increase your height up to 3 inches, and this sometimes has made some people use back stretcher daily. As your back stretches on the device, the spine feels the stretch and elongates to fill the disc with fluid. This fluid is retained over time and makes spine straighter.
  • Overcomes back pain and other back related problems: Regular use of a back stretcher two times daily for about 10 - 15 minutes can get rid of back pain and other related back problems such as bulging disc pain, sciatic nerve compression, total herniation disc, lower back arthritis, spinal degeneration, and much more.
  • Helps slow down aging process: Boosting of proteoglycans concentration in the spine through the use of back stretcher has been researched to help slow down the aging process. When your nerves and spine are active and healthier, heavy loads are lifted up from your nervous system and contribute to your youthful strength.
  • Insures your back: Back stretcher has been found helpful to people with family history of severe back pain to secure their back against the future back problem. Regular use of a back stretcher can strengthen your back and make it stronger to be less prone to back pain and injury.